The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff

by Tiffany King

12 Reviews

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From USA Today bestselling author Tiffany King

Twenty-two-year-old historical romance writer Nicole Blake, or N.S. Blake to her readers, hasn't taken an official poll, mind you, but she is convinced she may be the only romance author on the planet who is still a card-carrying member of the virgin club.

Not that she hasn't tried to end her membership.
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From USA Today bestselling author Tiffany King

Twenty-two-year-old historical romance writer Nicole Blake, or N.S. Blake to her readers, hasn't taken an official poll, mind you, but she is convinced she may be the only romance author on the planet who is still a card-carrying member of the virgin club.

Not that she hasn't tried to end her membership. Life just keeps finding pesky ways to interfere. With no prospects on the horizon, Nicole begins to feel like the closest she will ever get to experiencing a man is within her own stories.

Opportunity presents itself in the form of hot-as-sin-on-a-lollipop-stick bartender/premed student Alec Petropoulos, who agrees to be the cover model for her upcoming book. Sparks fly instantly between them, and Nicole begins to entertain the possibility that she's finally found the right guy to hand over her tattered V-card. Alec has all the makings for a perfect one-night-stand candidate except, much to Nicole's surprise, he seems to be the only man in existence not interested in bagging a virgin.

Stuck between a rock and a stubborn male, what's a virgin to do? Seduce him, of course. How hard could it be? If it works for the characters in her stories, why wouldn't it work for her? After all, what happens under the cover...stays under the cover.

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Editorial Reviews
New York Times bestselling author - Molly McAdams
Misunderstandings--"A beautifully woven story of a love that can withstand anything."
New York Times bestselling author - Cora Carmack
Misunderstandings--"Sweet and sexy! Great characters and an intriguing romance...So good!"
New York Times bestselling author - Jennifer Armentrout
No Attachments--"Super sweet and swoon-worthy!"
bestselling author - Melissa Brown
"Smart, snarky, sexy and fun. I couldn't get enough of this heartfelt contemporary romance. I laughed, I cried, and I loved it to pieces!"
New York Times bestselling author - Samantha Young
Misunderstandings--"Funny, real, moving and passionate, Misunderstandings is a MUST-READ for New Adult contemporary romance fans."
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Author Tiffany King
Author Tiffany King
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A Write Stuff Novel , #1
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Meet the author

USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King is a lifelong reading fanatic who is now living her dream as a writer, weaving Young Adult and New Adult romance tales for others to enjoy. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iPhone and iPad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, zombies and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.

For information on any of Author Tiffany's titles, visit her blog at

Where to connect with Author Tiffany
Twitter- @AuthorTiffany
Facebook- AuthorTiffanyKing
Pinterest- Tiffany King
Goodreads- Tiffany King

"Dreams do come true...Dream big."

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Customer Reviews (12)
Great Story
Great story and interesting characters. This is the first book I've read by Tiffany King, but it definitely will not be the last.
- Anonymous
October 1, 2015
Oh. My. Goodness. If you¿re looking for a sexy read full of lau
Oh. My. Goodness. If you’re looking for a sexy read full of laughs, then look no further that Tiffany King’s The Write Stuff. This amazing story pulled me in from the get go, and I loved how much I was able to connect with both the characters and the story itself, seeing the ins and outs of self-publishing as N.S. Blake begins to make a name for herself with her intoxicating stories. If you’ve never been to a mass signing or weekend book conference before, then you’re really missing out, and you’ll see just how much when you read Kings novel. I had to laugh out loud at all the antics of the ladies, ogling the male models, lining up for pictures and signatures and insisting that the models take off their shirts for photos–an aspect that has indeed become a “thing” at book conferences and signings. And King captures the chaos and awesomeness that it is as she writes from personal experience from the many signings and conferences she’s attended (and I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve attended two with her, as well!). Everything about the writer/reader world that King incorporates in her novel is 100% true, and having experienced much of it at conferences I’ve attended, I was just tickled pink with how much I could truly visualize as I read. King certainly has a way with words, and I adored her insights into the bookish world, a world we don’t hear much about inside books, which makes it all the more awesome. And Alec? Mmmmmmmmm. He is definitely hotness on a stick, and I loved how honest and forthright he was. He’s a man who knows what he wants, and he has some shocking but valid reasons for denying N.S. Blake, reasons that made me respect him on a whole nother level as the novel unfolded. Of course, there is definitely a lot of friction between N.S. Blake and Alec, and I loved how their friendship bloomed. Their relationship is extremely realistic, and I enjoyed their antics as the plot thickened. One of the aspects that I really adore about this novel is that it’s completely unique. While the “virgin trying to de-virginalize herself” seems to be a plot that I’m noticing more often lately, King doesn’t follow the same patter as others, and her novel really stands apart. From the intricacies of the bookish world to the chemistry and maturity of the main characters, King takes readers on a realistic journey of love and heartache, and it’s so very amazing. This is a must read!
- ABookVacation
August 28, 2014
Best Tiffany King book ever! Add to that the New Adult genre an
Best Tiffany King book ever! Add to that the New Adult genre and I was so sold. Gorgeous blue eyed Alec is the cover model for Nicole's new book. She really should have changed her clothes before she went to the shoot on the beach. Fresh from her writing cave, she was one hot mess. Her awkward state and his sexy good looks had her fumbling right into the waves. Guess that wet t-shirts is gonna show him she not wearing a bra. Could her day get worse? Oh, it could. A blind date and some tongue action when she only meant to catch his scent has her fleeing to the restroom with her BFF. Packed with humor and sexy times, this one had me laughing and then swooning. And awkward? So much awkward! It was just totally fun to read. I adore Alec. He has a secret that definitely defines him. Sleeping with a virgin is not on his to-do list. And he has a good reason. But that doesn't mean they can't work together. He wants to try for friends. Yeah, right. With the smokin' hot chemistry between them...friends are so not happening. But they do try. Did I tell you I adore Alec? I so do. He's kind, protective, and genuine. Mistakes from his past have raised him into a man - a man I really love. Oh, and did I mention his skills? The boy has skills. Besides being able to raise one of those crazy vertical banners that authors take to signings, he can find every excuse to touch a girl. And don't get me started on how he takes care of his girls needs. Can you say get the idea. Loved Nicole too. Living her dream job as a writer is everything she wants except she'd really like some of those yummy orgasms her characters are always getting. And that pesky V-card needs to go. I really admired her for how she managed to hold herself together after the deed didn't happen. Facing Alec at book signings was beyond awkward and she deserved combat pay. But I loved her for how strong she was. Between Nicole's best friend (who so deserves her own book) and her brothers, I was loving the secondary characters. They all felt so real. The dynamics were there and I cared about them. Now the story was classic Tiffany King. Her stories don't follow a predictable pattern. She always has such real themes that the story just endears itself to the reader. All of that is present in this one. I read this in a day. How could I not? I just didn't want to put it down. Well, I did put it down to make teaser graphics for it. When I'm reading and a quote jumps off the page at me, I usually create a graphic to go with it. This one kept stopping me for that but then I was right back to reading. Just so good. Make sure you grab this and put it on your next to read list.
- ValerieStuckInBooks
August 25, 2014
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