Shoot to Thrill (CASI, #2)

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Shoot to Thrill (CASI, #2)
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The Colorado Academy for Superior Intellect (CASI) …only the best and the brightest may attend…and only if they possess a Talent the Meece Foundation deems of value.  Founded in the late sixties, the Academy is the brainchild of Hugh Meece, pharmaceutical groundbreaker…and CASI is its shining jewel.  Their motto:  Exploring the last frontier...the human mind.

Special Agent Arin Thomas always gets her man, but when she embarks on a personal mission to uncover the details behind her best friend’s death, she discovers a world she’s never even imagined.  A world where extrasensory powers are exploited, and where her badge makes her a big, shiny target.
Dr. Jonah Summers would be more than happy to run the Colorado Academy for Superior Intellect (CASI) if only people would stop shooting at him.  But that’s a pointless wish when someone with a bottomless bank account and a direct line to Russian special forces has CASI and everyone connected to it in the crosshairs.
Arin and Jonah find themselves dodging a merciless killer with a hidden agenda while trying to fight their own attraction.  It’s only a matter of time before one of them has to Shoot to Thrill in order to kill—or be killed.

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CASI , #2
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Terri Schaefer
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About the Author

I’m a great believer in Fate. Yeah, with a capital “F”. And I write in those terms. Why? Probably because my beloved husband said he fell in love with me the first time he saw me. You might ask if it was a two-way gig… In a word, uh-uh. Not that he wasn’t fine to the extreme, but I wasn’t looking for forever…more of a fun vacation experience. Yeah, so now we’ve muddled our way through over twenty years of marriage, and I have to admit to his superior intuition on that one!!

So, if you’re looking for an Alpha hero who just happens to “know” his life-mate when he sees them, don’t be overly surprised.

I write paranormal romance as TL Schaefer and erotic romance as Keira Ramsay. Why the split personality? Because I started out as TL Schaefer, and didn’t want to confuse the heck out of the folks who loved that stuff when I went to the “dark side”.

If you like your heroes in uniform (be they cops, firefighters, or military) and your heroines with a bit of quirk, then wing by my website and check out an excerpt or two to wet your whistle! Don't forget to check out my Blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages as well!

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Customer Reviews (2)
A thrill on every page. Don't read this if you're home alone. Af
A thrill on every page. Don't read this if you're home alone. After having made a fortune on Wall Street, Arin Thomas became an FBI agent in order to avenge the murder of her younger sister, Bianca. Not exactly a people person, Thomas becomes the FBI’s cold case expert. She faces one of her toughest cases when she gets a tip that the death of her former partner, Wes Burke, was not exactly as reported. In T. L. Schaefer’s Shoot to Thrill, we take a dizzying ride along with Thomas as she looks into the enigmatic Colorado Academy for Superior Intellect (CASI) and its equally mysterious head, Jonah Summers. The deeper she digs, the more murky things become – and the greater the threat to her life. I received a free copy of Shoot to Thrill in exchange for an objective review, and have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Schaefer masterfully sucks you into Arin Thomas’s life, switching back and forth between the past and the present as she builds the suspense layer upon layer, leading to an explosive, but imminently satisfying conclusion.
- Charles_Ray
January 7, 2015
This book is a thrill. It offers the perfect blend of mystery, s
This book is a thrill. It offers the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and romance. 
- Anonymous
January 3, 2015
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    Shoot to Thrill (CASI, #2)