The Music of Louis Andriessen / Edition 1

The Music of Louis Andriessen / Edition 1

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This book presents the musician in dialog with a Polish-Canadian musicologist and three of his Dutch friends and collaborators, Reinbert de Leeuw, Elmer Schönberger and Frits van der Waa. Topics include his artistic evolution, his relationship to minimalism, his prevalent interest in mysticism and meaning, the use of quotation and writing for the stage and an introduction to his musical language.

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Studies in Contemporary Music and Culture
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Taylor & Francis
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About the Author

Maja Trochimczyk teaches at the University of Southern California.

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Table of Contents
Senior Editor's Foreword Preface, Maja Trochimczyk I. Learning 1. Dialog 1: Learning, Louisa Andriessen and Maja Trochimczyk 2. Andriessen and His Habitat, Frits van der Waa 3. The Man and His Music: A Portrait, Maja Trochimczyk II. Composing 4. Dialog 2: Fragments on Composing, Louis Andriessen and Maja Trochimczyk 5. Unisons and the Republic: Andriessen's Minimalism, Maja Trochimczyk 6. On Conceiving Time, Louis Andriessen and Elmer Schonberger 7. Lectures for Young Composers, Louis Andriessen (Translated and edited by Danuta Gwizdalanka and Maja Trochimczyk) III. Ideas 8. Dialog 3: Interest and Ideas, Louis Andriessen and Maja Trochimczyk 9. Hadewijch: A Mystic in the Cathedral, Maja Trochimczyk 10. Reinbert, a Little Garden Chair, and the American Conncetion, Louis Andriessen (Translated by Marcel Van Baal) 11. Working with Louis, Reinbert de Leeuw IV. Art 12. Dialog 4: Painting, Vermeer, and Art, Louis Andriessen and Maja Trochimczyk 13. Writing to Vermeer: A View of a Filmic Opera, Maja Trochimczyk 14. Andriessen and the Art of Composing, Maja Trochimczyk List of Works * Bibliography * Discography * Notes about the Contributors * Index
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The Music of Louis Andriessen / Edition 1
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The Music of Louis Andriessen / Edition 1
Pub. Date: 05/28/2002
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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Music of Louis Andriessen
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