Katie's New Daddy

by Allysa Hart

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Katie's New Daddy
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Katie's New Daddy by Allysa Hart

The highly anticipated sequel to Adopting Katie is here!

Widowed mother Katelyn Summers, knows her husband would have wanted her to move on and find happiness for herself and a father for their infant son. Knowing that doesn’t make doing it any easier, and she is spiraling fast as she struggles with balancing her new normal with her old wants and needs.
Jeff has always been a natural leader, controlling all aspects of his life with a confidence that rivals no other. When a failed marriage crumbles that confidence, he leaves his entire world behind and loses himself in his work. Nothing can bring him home, until he meets her.

Can these two help each other move on from their painful pasts and into their happily ever after together? How does Katie’s unique family fit into the mix? Can you really have your cake and eat it too?

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Customer Reviews (1)
SPOILER ALERT: THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO ADOPTING KATIE. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS PRIOR BOOK, THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Katelyn "Katie" Summers has been through hell. Her husband, Mark, died while she was still pregnant with their son, Noah. Mark was Katie's world. He never even got to meet his son. But she's been adopted by Keith and Rose, her "Auntie" and "Uncle" Somehow life has to move on. Keith and Rose have taken on many roles in their lives, but none have been so important as adopting Katie and allowing her to escape into being her Little. Very few understand this unique family dynamic, but it works for them. That's all that's important. That is, until Jeff, a co-worker of Keith's, becomes part of their lives. There's an instant, intense pull drawing both Katie and Jeff together. But Katie's a widow and a Little. She still hasn't gotten over losing Mark. She has a son to raise. Jeff wants Katie, but he knows there are so many landmines he has to avoid. And he doesn't even have the whole story! While Jeff's very much aware of BDSM and all the permutations of the lifestyle, he's never experienced the Daddy/little dynamic, doesn't even know much more than the dynamic exists. And Katie's very careful to keep that part of herself hidden. When Jeff accidentally stumbles across Katie's secret, he starts researching because he knows he wants Katie for his own. But Katie's going to be hard to convince. She's built her walls high and thick. Just when Katie starts to trust Jeff enough to let him in, tell him about her Little side, a secret that's been in plain sight literally tears Katie to shreds, threatening the very existence of everything she holds dear, especially her growing relationship with Jeff. Can Katie trust Jeff? Will Jeff be able to accept Katie's attachment not only to her dead husband but to her Auntie Rose and Uncle Keith? Does he have the ability to understand what Katie needs to the very depths of her soul? If not, what will happen? Because it's very apparent that neither Jeff nor Katie can live without the other! Allysa Hart is a new author for me. This story was incredibly special to me for a number of reasons. For very personal reasons, I'm not into age play where the characters are fully immersed in the lifestyle. I need to make a few important distinctions here. My reasons for not being into age play are my issues. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with age play. This is a sweet, charming, well-written romance. There's little explicit language, even less in the way of sexual scenes. But age play is integral. I want to thank Allysa Hart for writing this book. I know why I'm not drawn to age play. I love that the BDSM community is absolutely committed to the premise of "your kink may not be my kink, but it's all okay." I truly believe that. But this book brought me an understanding of age play I've never before been able to comprehend. These characters are real, the story intensely emotional in every way. Despite the age play involved, I can't think of any other way to describe the story and characters than sweet, kind, loving, playful, and even innocent. I adored this book, and that surprised me on so many levels. Allysa Hart has written a truly REMARKABLE book. I give Katie's New Daddy five stars without reservation. Kudos, Ms. Hart. You've no idea how very important this book is to me personally. Thank you for writing such a meaningful and loving story. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
- Pam-S
November 7, 2017
Katie's New Daddy