Hyperion & Theia: Saturnalia

by Leah T. Brown , Elizabeth O. Smith , Marga Biazzi

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Hyperion & Theia: Saturnalia
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Hyperion & Theia: Saturnalia by Leah T. Brown, Marga Biazzi

The inaugural volume of the Hyperion & Theia anthology series features stories, poetry, and art that encapsulate festive revelry and otherworldly reversal: Gods and Goddesses of old prepare for destruction. A demonic circus delivers a haunting finale. The Shebeast lurks in the forest and pulls at heartstrings. Alien diet supplements wreak havoc in near-future San Francisco. Three women conspire to break an oath with a wicked witch. The Herculaneum Scrolls reveal the role of ancient aliens. A Roman warrior and a warrior turned slave venture into the territory of a Queen of ancient Egypt. Two cowboys track dark magic in the Wild Wild West. Ghosts stuck in the mortal realm high off drugs. You are a lone radio jockey after the apocalypse.

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Radiant Crown Publishing, LLC
Radiant Crown Publishing, LLC
Publication date:
Hyperion & Theia , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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4 MB
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About the Author

About the Author

LEAH T. BROWN (Senior Fiction Editor) received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and holds a Master’s degree in Book Publishing from Portland State University. She has worked with big and small publishers, as well as many independent authors. Leah lives in Vancouver, WA, with her husband and son. For more information, visit

ELIZABETH O. SMITH (Editor-in-Chief) is the pseudonym of Olivia Raymond. She’s produced and edited story-based video games since 2011 under Cherubim Scribes, LLC. Elizabeth is a chocolate fanatic, poodle aficionado, and finds that passion and purpose intrigue her when it comes to the written word. For more information, visit

MARGA BIAZZI (Illustrator) has worked as an illustrator and graphic designer since 2000. She lives in Legnano, Italy. Marga's collaborated with Studio Massa of Gallarate (Italian), Studio Selection in Milan (Italian), Buffalo (Canadian), and Sun Production (Canadian). Some of her clients include Periodici San Paolo, Joint Editior, Dami Editore, RL Editoriale Group, Editrice Raffaello, Ferrero Italia, and Luma Creative (English). For more information, visit
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Hyperion & Theia: Saturnalia