Hollow Bones #1

by Clif Wilson

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Hollow Bones #1
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Hollow Bones #1 by Clif Wilson

Investors from around the world have begun to pour money into the city of Detroit and those investors must have their assets protected. The city's top executives have come together with a plan to rid the city of 1000 of Detroit's worst criminals. These threats to the city have patterns of criminal activity that have kept them under the radar of the authorities, making their crimes difficult to prosecute. However, there's always evidence and that's where a specially selected group of criminals and mercenaries come in to execute the untouchables of Detroit. These monsters of Detroit come from all walks of life and some are known felons while others have secretly terrorized the region for years. With so much money tied up in building a "New Detroit," the investors had no choice but to hire their own hunters to track down and eliminate these threats. A special task force is also created to assist the death squad in marking targets for execution, and to protect the mercenaries identities from being exposed. One of the hired killers Seth Walker AKA Set is forced to work for the Mayor in his cleaning exercise in exchange for his freedom from prison and his son's name being removed from the hit list of 1000 most dangerous. This mission will take him on a path of twists and turns that will lead to a cover up bigger than anything he's prepared for. Buy Hollow Bones #1 now and prepare Issue #2 COMING SOON.

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Clif Wilson
Clif Wilson
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18 Years
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About the Author

About the Author

Clif Wilson is a multi talented artist from Detroit, known for his work in comics and magazines, especially the use of superimposing live models and 3d models interacting in comics. He jokingly refers to the superimposing process he's known for as turning trash into gold based on the qualities of some photographers pics he's had to work with over the years. Clif has worked in the advertising and film industry as well toy design and engineering. He started out as Sun Comics back in 2001 before eventually re-branding the company in 2011 as 3RD Sun Entertainment. In 2003 Clif joined up with Casey and Charles as the 2 had a small comic company called Able Ideas which Casey and Clif later renamed Able Ideaz with a z. After doing loads of conventions together and releasing books under the Able Ideaz umbrella, Clif decided to get back to 3RD Sun Entertainment and his passion to create toys and other merchandise outside of comics. He began sculpting toys and statues again before jumping into digital sculpting and 3D printing. In 2012 Clif's pet project Onyx Unit #1 was released featuring a female cast fighting giant aliens using otherworldly technology. it was a tribute to giant robot and anime culture, and it helped build the 3RD Sun Entertainment brand selling thousands of copies under the Able Ideaz - 3RD Sun banner. It was followed by Onyx Unit 2 in 2014 with issue 3 slated for release 2017 to reinvent the genre. The black and white graphic novel Hollow Bones #1 was released in 2015, written and Illustrated by Clif with additional art by Able Ideaz artist Huntley. The book was a nod to Frank Miller's Sin City done from a Detroit perspective filled with urban issues and some violence. Hollow Bones was well received by the public and a follow up is slated for release later this year. Several new projects are also currently in production and Clif has begun to make toy design and branding a part of 3RD Sun Entertainment through it's Concepts on Demand design team. Concepts on Demand is wing of the company created for servicing clients who need toy design, comic books/ magazines created, animation, video, web, as well as fully painted production & prototype models. View some of the samples at or and contact us for more info.

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Hollow Bones #1