Going Supernova

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Going Supernova
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Mentorographer Molly Lavik has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find their true potential and authentic purpose by providing guidance as they transformed their visions into reality. Now, she has taken her own vision to the next level, curating the lessons and insights of 101+ superachievers in this collection of life stories that you, too, can use�no matter what your goal or past experience may be�to pave your own path to success, happiness, and self-fulfillment. She calls the concept Going Supernova, because it can help you, too, become one of the brightest stars in the universe!

Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers is part of the Took Kit, which can help you, too, to not only identify your passion and purpose in life but to start down your own path to superachievement. The Tool Kit features:

Step 1: GuSTO (Going Supernova Traits Optimizer) Survey
Self-analysis tool for taking stock of how close you are to achieving your life�s legacy.

STEP 2: Going Supernova: The Bold Paths Of 101 Superachievers Book
The first-person stories of 101+ superachievers who exemplify the Going Supernova concept.

Step 3: GuSTO App
Available in Apple�s App Store, it enables you to easily connect and interact with advisers who can help you plan, strategize, and stay on track with your goals. This is done by combining your calendar with those of experienced people who have walked the path you hope to walk.

Step 4: Superachiever Studio
Step inside this virtual studio that offers inspirational and insightful talks via an online webinar platform.

Step 5: Mentor InSight Membership
A support community for tomorrow�s superachievers.

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About the Author
Molly Lavik is a teacher, entrepreneur, mentorographer, and motivational expert dedicated to providing access to success to those with major personal or professional goals.

While spending thousands of hours teaching MBA classes and advising corporate leaders over the past twenty years, Molly developed a deep understanding of the challenges we all face in achieving our goals. This led her to create a new medium known as Mentorographies: autobiographies with an explicitly educational purpose. Through her company, Mentor InSight, she interviewed hundreds of superachievers to share the lessons of their accomplishments. She then put those lessons to use to help anyone with big dreams attain what she likes to call �superachievement� or �Going Supernova.�

Dubbed a �superconnector� by friends and colleagues, Molly possesses a genuine gift for bringing together people with goals and needs and those with the resources and expertise to help them. Now she has turned those skills into a package of media tools: the Tool Kit, which can help you, too, to not only identify your passion and purpose in life but to start down your own path to superachievement.

Molly developed insights for creating the Mentor Tool Kit as a marketing professional and consultant for companies such as Westin Hotels & Resorts, DreamWorks Animation, Microsoft, The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and others. In her leadership role with the Sustainable Business Council, Molly has created innovative mentorship programs. She also helped spearhead the economic development of the digital media industry when she led the Los Angeles New Media Roundtable.

Through her background in academia, Molly cultivated a reputation as a pioneering curriculum creator. She served as a professor at the Vatel International Business School, in Los Angeles, and was a practitioner faculty member at Pepperdine University�s Graziadio School of Business and Management, where she taught graduate-level courses in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship with a mentorship component. Molly has a master�s in technology management from the Graziadio School and a bachelor�s in mass communications from Purdue University.

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