Evil Between

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Evil Between
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Here you will find a rather bold collection of short poems that Brandy Toomer has composed primarily about some of her most personal life situations. Focusing on the year of 2017 and being primarily inspired to write after the deadly Las Vegas music festival shooting, this book focuses on Beauty, Evil and Life. For an author that gets to travel across the country with her husband and little Chihuahua on a constant basis, she sees plenty on all of those subjects. Expect to see some humor, mixed in with the trials, which is very evident in the day to day which everyone can probably relate to in one way or another. On the other end, some may not agree with a line or two, as that is what makes us all who we are. We do have free will and you will find Mrs. Toomer has displayed this in her writing. The moral of the story is: while there is beauty, and life does flourish, there will somehow always end up being Evil Between.
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Brandy Toomer
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About the Author
Brandy was born in sunny California, however, her parent’s did not want her attending school there. She grew up in the red rock country of Southern Utah, and flourished in the arts. Beginning with music she was a viola player and still plays today, then went onto choir and eventually creative writing. Due to all of her participation in the arts she was able to graduate high school early and attend Dixie State College and later go on to write for a couple newspaper publications, as well as earn a music scholarship to propel her further into a collegiate future. Brandy has two daughter’s and one stepson. She has always loved being a mom to many children and has an amazing nephew from her one and only younger sister. Each all have their own traits unique to them which she feels she helps them excel at. She teaches them, as well as her husband, a lot in life through quotes. Her children are one of her biggest inspirations. In 2011 she suffered from a blood clot in her neck and a major venous blockage in her brain. At the time she was a Certified Nurses Assistant and LPN student and had recently brought home her second daughter, who was born three months early. Life was nothing short of crazy. After emergency Clot Buster surgery, several days in the ICU, physical therapy, relentless prayer, and God, Brandy overcame. After that, it was decided life was about using the talent’s God had given her. She found freedom from the disabilities acquired in her illness through writing, although they have not been easy for her to bear, she has gotten by. Now she is blessed enough to get to travel across the United States with her husband TJ, who is a long-haul driver, and their chihuahua Dakota several times a month. She's never seen anything the same way twice and considers every road traveled as a chance for inspiration in her writing. She still thanks the Lord every day for the abilities and talents she does have. She feels like a truly blessed individual and even through her losses, there have been many more gains.
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Evil Between
Paperback (1)
Evil Between
Pub. Date: 12/06/2017
Publisher: Brandy Toomer
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Evil Between
Pub. Date: 02/12/2018
Publisher: Brandy Toomer
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