Attraction: How Visual Targeting Steers Our Choices

by Steven Kronick

4 Reviews

Attraction: How Visual Targeting Steers Our Choices
Attraction: How Visual Targeting Steers Our Choices

Visual targeting is the only innovation in the world that is proven to increase Visual Advertising performance by discovering any individual's or target market's psychological visual preferences. Relying on patented technologies and trade secret algorithms that analyze how consumer visual preferences steer consumer choice behavior in the marketplace, visual targeting is indisputably proven to raise bottom-line advertising results, such as Click Through Rates, by as much as 400%, thus multiplying ad profitability by up to 4 times.

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Customer Reviews (4)
¿Attraction¿ is not only a book to help advertisers and markete
“Attraction” is not only a book to help advertisers and marketers learn the importance of how visual preferences steer consumer choice behaviour, but it is also insightful to anyone who wants to improve happiness in their own life- don’t we all? In addition to writing upon how Visual Targeting can impact businesses, Kronick also explains how visual preferences can be used in our relationships and daily lives, by giving gifts, or surrounding ourselves with objects visually appealing to ourselves or a specific person. Perhaps the most resonating quote for me in the book was, “The Art of Attraction, and the science of Visual Targeting is rather a lever of happiness. It is a concrete way to increase Biophilia, which is a Greek word for one’s “Love of Life.” The author gives his book a unique and creative spin not only by introducing and promoting the ideas of Visual Targeting, but also by including his genuine interest on human happiness in general. Kronick even dedicates a chapter to the ethics behind the power of Visual Attraction. The book is a very light and easy read. As someone who has struggled with reading and has only read a handful of books other than required in education, I found the book very difficult to put down and finished it within two days. I have read the book twice in full, and have referred back to my favourite parts several times. “Attraction” really left a tremendous impact on me, as it opened my eyes to see the beauty and potential of the world, and gave me a reason to seek and find my own “biophilia”. I can’t thank the author enough for the messages ingrained within his work. The personal connection I feel with “Attraction” has helped me through a lot of my decision making over the past several months since first reading it. I hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I did, and feel the same hope and happiness when learning about the Art of Attraction.
- LaurenAmelia
December 11, 2012
Great Overview of Powerful Innovation in the Industry
I always am open minded about new innovations especially when it comes to the Advertising and Marketing industries. This book is an incredible eye-opener to the world of Visual Tastes guiding Consumer Choice Behavior. Great work on Marketing, worth every minute of reading it, especially since its a concise fireplace read. Excellent.
- JohnTyler
December 13, 2009
Amazing and inspiring quick read. THis book made me think about
Amazing and inspiring quick read. THis book made me think about life and the world around me and how certain rules of perfection actually exist  and can be used to active desirable results.
- NatashaM
December 11, 2012
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Attraction: How Visual Targeting Steers Our Choices