by Kristina Garlick

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Amara by Kristina Garlick

Prepare yourself for a coming of age tale of Amara, a young woman, who lives in a world where women are subservient to men. After enduring years of mistreatment, the only thing she dreamt of was a place where women were the master of their own hearts and minds. Just as Amara was about to give up hope that she was destined for anything better then the life she had, something usual happened; Amara stumbled upon a planet, where women ruled over men.

With new found power, will Amara take on the role of the Master or having lived as slave, champion for equality for all? Perhaps the answer to what Amara should do, when it comes to the war between the genders, lies in the future. Then again, sometimes the best answers can be found in the past.

Quick Note: This book is written in a unique style of writing, which I call Diary-Play Format. Enjoy!

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Kristina Garlick
Kristina Garlick
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Barnes & Noble
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About the Author

About the Author

I began writing books when I was ten. I had my first book published when I was fourteen years old. I currently have four books published, (two of them self published), all which can be found in my store. I have several other books that I have written, which I hope to have published in the next couple of months; these books will become available in my store. Recently, I placed ninth in an international writing contest for the story, Heart of Wonderland.

I have a passion for writing and photography, which is why I'm pursing my goal to become a successful published author to share my life experiences with the masses. As for photography, I try to capture the beauty of the moments I often write about. Speaking of writing, I mainly write fantasy/fiction novels. Most of my stories involve some sort of life lesson or self empowerment tale, which I hope allows the reader to connect even further with the characters.

You can follow me on Twitter @KristinaGarlick for updates on my books, or check out my website:
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