3 Ways to Cut Soul Ties & Make Peace

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3 Ways to Cut Soul Ties & Make Peace
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Soul ties are emotional & physical bonds between two people. They are either beneficial or negative. Phette Hollins gives an account of a soul tie that kept her bound for many years and 3 ways to sever those ties because your soul isn't completely free until you do so.
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A Digging In The Bag Series , #1
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Phette Hollins
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About the Author
Phette is the author of the short story collection; It Can Happen to You; the novel, Innocence, GA; and the co-writer of the blog soap opera, Anderson Place (). In 2014 Phette created the healing series Address NOT Suppress; started the #GetNakedMovement in 2015, and released her first short film, Daddy's Girl (Is A Hoe), and five PSA’s. Phette also wrote a stage play and started HolliShort Films.
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