The squat crystal glass was so clean, so free of soap spots, dust, and debris, that its corpus was as both the air and the water within it: utterly invisible.  Half full, the Chosen Layla wondered. Or half empty?  As…Read more

SF & Fantasy

Chimbarazo Interplanetario was just another spaceport. It was big, but who’s ever seen a small one? We had a half-hour to kill before getting on the Tour flyer, so I found the nearest newsprojector, slid a demipesa into the slot…Read more

Teen & YA

The ghosts . . . try to remember the sunlight. Light has died out of their skies.”  Robinson Jeffers, “Apology for Bad Dreams”  He flung off his cape’s hood as he glided underground, breathing in the scent of mildew and…Read more


In 1976 I was five and cute as a really hairy button. My eldest sister, Susie, was twelve. She was fair with very long dark brown hair and big brown sad eyes reflecting a heartbreaking need for love—by any means…Read more

Books & Ideas

I have two distinct images of my mother that I will always carry with me.  One is from Christmas 2007, when she was eighty-five years old. On October 5 of that year, she suffered a massive stroke that hit the…Read more

Science & Tech

Next to the window of my cabin is a paper birch tree. It had grown at the edge of the old cellar hole with collapsing stone foundations that I rebuilt to put my cabin on. Each year it hosts aphid…Read more

Business & Innovation

The two most popular words among experienced businesspeople are “due diligence.” This requires taking the time, however long, to get the critical information you need to make the right decision.  The biggest mistakes we make are those where we commit time,…Read more


Teera studies the clouds caressing the wing of the plane. They seem to be in no hurry, gliding at an imperceptible speed, melting into one another like fragments of a childhood memory. We’re going so fast it seems we’re sitting…Read more