Change of plans, boys,” Rick Gullotti announced from the shotgun seat of Ladder 37.  Gavin Boudreau sighed and kissed his plans for a sandwich stacked with about three inches of deli meats goodbye as the siren started wailing again. They’d…Read more

SF & Fantasy

Burlesville appeared like a shimmering mirage in hell. The sun was headed down more slowly than usual, a dark orange disk going to ground among stark black buttes. The bird’s eye was drawn to a dusty man waving a red…Read more

Teen & YA

The gravity stabilizers were failing again. I glanced up from my sketchpad to see globules of liquid dancing up from my drinking glass. They shimmered red, like droplets of blood, though I knew it was just cherry-flavored nutri-drink. Dammit, that’s…Read more