Teen & YA

Mom’s hands felt so soft, almost papery in a way. The feeling made me think of how water smoothed out the edges of a stone. I smiled, thinking she must have been a very rough stone once upon a time.  “Did…Read more

Mounting evidence suggests I may be a masochist. I wouldn’t have thought this until recently, with my previous top character descriptions being “sunny,” “winning,” and “eager to please” (jk, they’d be “misanthropic,” “sarcastic,” and “cantankerous”). I guess part of the…Read more

Marilyn is seventeen today. She stares back at her own eyes reflected in the car window, transposed over the man on the corner wearing a CASH FOR GOLD sign and a woman pushing a shopping cart full of clattering bottles.…Read more

The doors of Sparrow High are flung open just before noon, and a raucous parade of students is set loose into the sticky midday air. Shouts and whoops of excitement echo across the school grounds, scattering the seagulls perched along…Read more

Everyone’s hanging their head as we trudge toward the bus, headphones on and bags slung over shoulders. Got our asses handed to us by St. Sebastian’s, 29–65, and now back we go to Whitman. We might argue we weren’t feeling…Read more

Is that it?  I manage not to say this out loud, but Ms. McKenzie stands there, sucking her teeth, like she’s reading my mind. “Before you go, Emerald, there is one more thing.”  The way she presses her lips together,…Read more