When we’re shut inside Bailey’s car, Lauren stops screaming and starts to whimper. I take her ice-cold hand in mine. “You didn’t get hurt, did you?”  “She’s fine,” Bailey says, starting the engine and peeling away from Sparrow Hill.  “I…Read more

In the weeks leading up to and following her death, I couldn’t buy a carton of eggs without my aunt Helen’s face surrounding me at the checkout. Every newspaper. Every magazine.  Helen Reaves Cancer Diagnosis  Helen Reaves: Months to Live …Read more

By the time the police arrived, there were three of us left. Three originals. Three best friends. Architects of what was once a secret society.  The difference between leaders and initiates was evident. We designed it that way, dictated that…Read more

I was in seventh grade when my dad got published. He’d written for literary journals before, and had a few short stories in collections from small presses, but that was the year the big stuff started. Dad had always been…Read more

Juliet raced along the right bank of the Seine. Tourists walked in slow-moving romantic pairs, shoulders and hips together, each set like a locked gateway blocking her path.  “Excuse me, excusez-moi, s’il vous plait … pardonnez-moi.…”  She slipped between the couples,…Read more

There is a god at the bottom of the river.  Some folks will tell you that’s just a story. But us wherry folk know different. When the reeds along the banks whisper that a squall is rushing across the marshland,…Read more

Nana’s rooster crowed, the sound of his cry too jarring for me to ignore. I rolled over and licked my lips, which for some reason felt swollen and numb. My mouth was particularly dry. I groaned as I shifted beneath…Read more

Liv?” . . . It’s a voice that’s familiar. Warm in a way the makes me want to keep hearing it. Comforting, but I can’t place it. I search. Through the water or the fog—I can’t tell which because it’s everywhere, all…Read more

Omo, please take my advice: Never jump from a moving train.  Outside of the physics related to falling and landing and rolling, there are a number of ridiculous hurdles one must overcome. The speed at which the train is traveling,…Read more