Hell was a party.  At least, Radu was fairly certain that whatever hell there was would certainly resemble this party.  Music drifted like perfume on the air, enough to sweeten but not overwhelm. Groups of musicians were scattered across the…Read more

Ugh. I’d forgotten how long the Academy’s school day was. Novices and Moroi took separate classes during the first half of the day, which meant I wouldn’t see Lissa until after lunch—if we had any afternoon classes together. Most of…Read more

On Thursday, I spend my morning the same way I usually start any other day: with a jog along the beachfront to Venice and back again, before stopping by the Refinery halfway back to the house. It’s the routine I’ve…Read more

The week before the invasion, Kopano’s father, Udo, sold their TV. Despite his mother’s fervent prayers for his father to find a new job, Udo was unemployed, and they were three months behind on rent. Kopano didn’t mind. He knew…Read more

Don’t trust your eyes.”  Dr. Treadwell walked back and forth across the platform at the front of the auditorium. Her steps were slow and even, almost hypnotic.  “Your eyes deceive you every day, filling in the blanks for you in…Read more

We do not know why we came from the sea to this hard and dusty earth, but we know that we are better than it.  The creatures that live here crawl beneath a crippling sun, eking what living they can…Read more

Gee, Apollo, you may be thinking, why didn’t you simply pull out your bow and shoot her? Or charm her with a song from your combat ukulele?  True, I had both those items slung across my back along with my…Read more

In the world of the Dunelands, Amara was sleeping.  Striding through the Walgreens aisles, Nolan wished he could do the same—just curl up in bed, shut his eyes, and see nothing but the insides of his eyelids.  No: see nothing…Read more

Jarrod Doyle didn’t show up at school the next day, and for most of that morning I felt like maybe I’d dreamed everything that had happened to me in the past twenty-four hours. The voice from the Living Death Tree.…Read more