SF & Fantasy

What do you want?”  Ketch gulped, tasting his own fear like rising bile at the back of his throat.  “I want to speak to the Jew.”  “Why?”  He saw she carried a ring of keys at her belt like a…Read more

Sterility was the Pax curse, that’s what the parents muttered, and population was the Pax problem. Half the parents were dead now and they’d had only twenty-four surviving children, and half the cache of sperm and ova from Earth had…Read more

The next two weeks were beyond brutal. Every day was a new test of just how much physical punishment Quinn’s body could endure. He’d moved rooms when he returned to the island facility, and used his new security clearance to…Read more

Shivering, Robert Horst pulled up the hood of his padded jacket before tugging open the D-shaped hatch leading outside the Artisans Deck. Hinges creaked and a gust of snow flew in as he edged out into the freezing blast, then…Read more

The alarm cut into my paperwork, a wailing screech like someone making howler monkey sausage using a live monkey.  Grimm popped up in my mirror, something he didn’t usually do without permission. “Marissa, I’m detecting a buildup of infernal energy…Read more

Cara gripped the arms of her seat as the Dixie Flyer rose on antigravs into the air lock, and the double doors slid shut behind them. The outer doors opened. Ben engaged the drive and eased out into the stark…Read more