SF & Fantasy

I can take him. That was the thought that kept repeating itself in Jessie Noble’s mind as she stared across the makeshift ring at the mountain of a man who stood opposite her. I can take him. Her opponent was…Read more

The snipers stay high up on the slope, providing cover as the scientists go in. The grunts go in with them, rifles slung, catch-cans in hand. Time is still of the essence, and everyone has their job to do.  Which…Read more

The Signalman picks up the remote and turns off the TV. He stubs out his cigarette and goes to the bathroom. His urine is dark, concentrated, the color of apple juice. He wonders how long until he winds up with…Read more

Rank is complicated in the Checquy Group, the result of centuries of tradition and leaders who look upon a lack of change as evidence of cultural stamina.  But to put it very, very simply: If you have powers and you’re…Read more

Kell kept throwing himself against the metal cage long after the door slammed shut and the bolt slid home. His voice still echoed against the pale stone walls. He had screamed himself hoarse. But still, no one came. Fear pounded…Read more

Something in me was tired of how the dead astronauts kept switching their allegiance, of the way these bodies kept being disrespected, had no fixed address or location. In truth, I didn’t want to ever see them again.  So I…Read more

The gray plume of smoke coiled in the darkening sky over the invaders’ camp, deep in the gravehills.  Evening soup, thought Naevros glumly. Just like mama used to make.  His mother’s cooking was infamously bad—one of twelve or thirteen reasons…Read more

Now here she was, dead.  Wherever “here” was. She’d woken from her worst ever hellish nightmare on the packed minibus and gawped at the sea and sky. She’d tried and failed to engage polite but impassive and uncomprehending locals in…Read more