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Dinner is served shortly after Daxo and Mustang arrive from Hyperion with my brother Kieran and niece, Rhonna. We eat at a long wooden table covered with candles and hearty provincial Martian dishes spiced with curry and cardamom. Sevro, swarmed…Read more

A service of remembrance will be held in Parliament Square tomorrow to mark the second anniversary of the Gestalt Invasion.  During the invasion, heavily armed airships appeared over major cities across the globe, and government buildings and seats of power…Read more

The Hunt

The Hunt

Chloe Neill

The sky was gray with clouds and humidity, and even the breeze was heavy and wet and carried the scents of earth and water. The scents of New Orleans.  The temperature would continue to climb and the humidity probably wouldn’t…Read more

They received the orbital parameters from SVMG. There were six, relative to Henrietta’s sun and the plane of her planetary family. “Longitude of ascending node…,” Ravn sang as she worked from the pilot’s saddle. “Argument of perihelion … Inclination to planetary…Read more

“Captain,” Private Sunrise stated, catching Ia’s attention, “Sergeant Grizzle will have the summary of the troops’ tactical analysis from their mock-drills on Earth by nineteen hundred, sir.”  “Wait a minute,” York muttered, frowning at the clerk. “You’re in my Platoon.…Read more

“Have you all been waiting long?” I said as I sat down at the long table. “I was told the meeting was at three.”  “That’s right,” said Alvin. He had a light, chipper sort of voice, but it sounded more…Read more