Persephone knew everyone on the dahl, making strangers stand out, and the girl at the gate was stranger than most. Small, young, and slender, the visitor was boyish with short unevenly hacked hair. Persephone couldn’t tell if the sun had…Read more

When Valk arrived at Vairside’s docks, the FA.2 had just set down, the air around its retros still shimmering with heat. The canopy lifted away from the cockpit and revealed the man inside. He wore a heavy suit much like…Read more

The mono lines of Ash travel the city in wide, sweeping arcs, like the cogs of a giant clock. Riding one is never the most direct way to your destination, but it is certainly the fastest. I ran up the…Read more

“Käthe!”  I rushed forward as my sister collapsed. Panic galvanized me, turning my blood to steel, and I ran to catch her before she fell. My sister leaned against me, her body limp, her pallid face tight and drawn.  “Käthe,…Read more

Pulaski looked around. Alden was completely right. Quietly, stealthily, the hall had been infiltrated by almost a dozen plainclothes security personnel. They were covering exits, windows, every single part of the room. Pulaski grasped Alden’s arm in alarm. “What the…Read more

Six weeks ago, Ack-Ack Macaque had tried to talk her out of getting involved with another version of herself but, predictably, she hadn’t listened—and he’d had more than enough to do trying to keep control of his monkey army. The…Read more

Where am I?  In me.  Where am I?  Your body died but not before your being became part of me.  That man. He … he—  Forget that, said the voice of the Silver Box. That was another life. Now you are…Read more

People often ask us how their loved ones died, expecting extraordinary circumstances or wondering whether they suffered terribly, and I’m reminded of Auden’s “Musée des Beaux Arts” because, with rare exception, the deaths we research are banal—someone eating, opening a…Read more