One thing nobody had warned Taylor Carr to be prepared for on her first day on a new job at the country’s top-selling men’s magazine?  The eye candy.  As in lots and lots of the hottest guys she’d ever seen,…Read more

He did not just say that.”  “He did,” I confirm as a collective gasp makes its way around the coffee shop. It’s not a surprised gasp, because with a ridiculously sexy voice like Bennett’s, he can say anything he wants…Read more

Ye’re a fool,” Robert MacPherson grumbled. “And likely to get us both lashed.”  Katherine Carew didn’t offer him even a hint of remorse. She settled herself on top of her horse, confidence shining in her midnight-blue eyes. “I’ve trained as…Read more

There is a bumper sticker—a bestseller, according to the owner of Alley’s General Store—that reads: GOD MADE NANTUCKET, BUT HE LIVES ON THE VINEYARD. Some of us would have edited that bumper sticker to say BUT HE LIVES IN CHILMARK—because…Read more

Ah—I wondered who was attacking my rose bushes.”  Startled in the act of lopping off a developing rose-hip with a buccaneer-like swipe, Antonia jumped. Half turning, she glanced reprovingly at Philip as he descended the steps to the walk. “Your rose…Read more

Josephine Devereaux strode through the open front screen door into the kitchen. Creamy golden evening light spread quiet warmth across the aged hardwood floors. The old farmhouse had stood on this plot in the southern French countryside for centuries. She’d…Read more

Once she’d reached her decision, Maddie washed her face, sipped some brandy, and readied herself to go out and confront Captain Logan MacKenzie.  She got as far as the doorway—­where he appeared, looking for her.  His gaze swept her up…Read more

I don’t know how many minutes, or hours, or even days have passed when I wake up in the water. I’m floating face up as my head bumps repeatedly against the nubby, barnacle-covered pier.  Achy, I urge my muscles into…Read more

The night had been nearly starless before the clouds moved on.  Now, a pale golden glow edged distant hills to the east, which told twenty-three-year-old Sir Àdham MacFinlagh, riding south on the west bank of the river Tay, that the…Read more