I pulled my already loosened tie the rest of the way off and kicked the front door of my loft shut with my foot. I threw my leather satchel towards the big sectional that took up most of the open…Read more

Horrible! Oh, god, horrible! Tragic!” John Shaw said, shaking his head with a dazed look as he sat on his bar stool at Finnegan’s pub.  Kieran nodded sympathetically. Construction crews had found the old graves when they were working on…Read more

Lord Alan Gresham kept no personal carriage, preferring to hire a vehicle if he needed one and save the expense. James and Kawena found this no hardship when they set out on foot a little while later. Less than half…Read more

Sarita closed the book she’d been trying to read and tossed it impatiently aside. It was a horrible book. Or perhaps she just wasn’t in the mood to read, she acknowledged with irritation, getting restlessly to her feet. As a…Read more

Garrett tried to call his sister and mom to see if they knew what was going on. No answer from either of them, but he left messages for them to call him back. Then, he got off his horse and…Read more

It was a particularly cold January night a couple of months after Miss Norton’s ipecac incident when Edward found himself in front of a roaring fire in his drawing room, entertaining his good friend Dr. Henry Gray. His guest was…Read more

How adept are you in those things?” Lincoln asked, nodding with his chin to Daisy’s sky-high silver sandals.  “Well let’s see,” she said, holding out her fingers and counting on them. “Pageant winner, debutante, Daffodil Princess, sorority girl, country club…Read more

Bryn knew soon after she sat down at the large booth that the Chinese restaurant had been a mistake. Noodles were sliding across the slick veneer tabletop in seconds as the hungry kids grabbed at them; a water glass was…Read more

All had gone right with Ash’s plans thus far—Dillsworth’s financial document, his perfect scheme, his new affiliation with the Spare Heirs, and last but not least, that kiss with Lady Evangeline. He hooked his hand around the oak banister cap,…Read more