Elizabeth forced her shaking hand to steady on the spoon. How dare Brandon question her ability to care for the triplets? She was a good nanny, for all she had not imagined herself in the role. Anyone might have found…Read more

Hey, you got any more wings?” Joe Miller asks.  Joe is a six-foot-five former pro football player who now coaches at the local high school. He relishes the samples I hand out at Cooper’s Food Market and Pharmacy, and he’s…Read more

Get the good mozzarella. The wet one,” Luca’s mother shouted through the phone.  “Ma. I got the mozzarella.” He waved to Roberto behind the counter at Bianchi’s Deli, the only place his mother would buy the ingredients for her Sunday…Read more

Cain Donnelly was sick to death of being alone.  Or, more specifically, he was sick and tired of going to bed alone. It had been a long time since he’d touched a woman.  Four years.  Four years since Kathleen had walked…Read more

Brick Callahan sat at his desk in the office of the Stardance Ranch RV Resort just south of Eternity Springs with the phone on speaker, massaging his temples while he listened to his adoptive mother’s scolding. “It’s a high school…Read more

Nicholas was vaguely aware of the rapid rise of his pulse, but he did not seek to slow it with his usual discipline. Not this time. He had pushed himself and his men to reach the nunnery in ten days,…Read more

The elevator on the newsroom floor of the Post pinged; then the door slid open for the Fearless Four reporters, as they had been dubbed, to exit. They were greeted with banners, streamers, and shouts of “Welcome home!” Leading the…Read more

Royston Stirling left his favourite mare, Marika, a true coal black, in the capable hands of Eddie Emu, one of a group of aboriginal stable boys he relied on. He had bred Marika from two outstanding black horses, ex-racehorses, bought…Read more

On a normal summer evening, Naomi loved the drive out to the ranch. She’d roll down her window and drape out her hand, letting the crisp air cool her palm and run between her fingers. She’d swear it was more…Read more