Mysteries & Thrillers

The black Jeep Cherokee turned onto Constitution Avenue, entering the Capitol Mall at exactly the predicted time. Standing in the shadow of a tall curtain, a lissome figure lowered his high-powered binoculars and began to dress. Scar tissue covered half…Read more

When a watchful manservant ushered him into the Graves drawing room that evening after a long walk up the cobbled High Street, Hoare saw two other guests had preceded him. Mrs. Graves introduced him to the lady, naming her as…Read more

Rem awoke in a dungeon with a thunderous headache. He knew it was a dungeon because he lay on a thin bed of straw, and because there were iron bars between where he lay and a larger chamber outside. The…Read more

Mary DiNunzio stepped off the elevator, worried. Her father and his friends looked over from the reception area, their lined faces stricken. They’d called her to say they needed a lawyer but until now, she hadn’t been overly concerned. Their…Read more

She flung the door open to clamorous nonreaction, silhouetted down to a bulky jacket and a baseball cap, the blue wind blowing away the title card. Dramatically opening doors was one of Andy’s few natural talents, one she had perfected…Read more