It was the end of the season and most of the hotels on the Riviera, including the Grand Hôtel Cap Ferrat, where I worked, were already closed for the winter. Not that winter meant much in that part of the…Read more

Mr. Rawlins,” the headman said as he approached the front door of my new home.  My new home. How did this stranger know where to find me on Moving Day?  “Yes?” I said darkly.  Percy was headed back toward the…Read more

Jake Cazalet was twenty-six years old when it happened, the incident that was to have such a profound effect on the rest of his life.  His family were Boston Brahmins, well respected, his mother hugely wealthy, his father a successful…Read more

At midday, a single cannon boomed from the battery commanding the entrance of the North and East rivers.  ‘The noon gun, sir,’ the young officer told me with a knowing air as he took out his watch to adjust the…Read more

The house is a narrow two-story, two-bedroom, redbrick Colonial with two and a half baths, hardwood floors and a small kitchen. The focal point in the living room is a brick fireplace framed by bookshelves. At one time the bookshelves…Read more

Irony comes in many flavours, sweet to bitter. The harshest irony I ever tasted was this: when I was interrupted that spring morning, I felt only relief.  But then, tyres on wet gravel sound nothing like the crack of doom. …Read more

Andi gazed down at the toes of her black flats, her most comfortable work shoes. The right heel was scuffed from long hours resting on the carpet of her Hyundai Tucson as she’d pressed down on the accelerator. She supposed…Read more

Monk was sitting at his desk at the Thames River Police Station at Wapping. From inside, muted river sounds could be heard: the whisper of water as the tide rose, slurping against the stone steps up to the quayside; the occasional…Read more

This was a stupid idea.  Make that a really stupid idea.  Bianca Pescoli ran through the darkened forest with only a weak shaft of moonlight as her guide. She’d been a fool to agree to come here, in the middle…Read more