Mysteries & Thrillers

Tuesday morning started out damn near perfect. Right up until Demarco Jones told James Beck, “Manny wants to kill somebody.”  Demarco hadn’t told Beck right away. He’d been waiting for the right moment, as if there were right moments for…Read more

We’d only been on the road for an hour but we were almost out of gas. The white line of the highway blurred in front of my eyes, my lids drooping. It was three in the morning and we’d barely…Read more

Oxford Circus.  It was one of the busiest stations on the London Underground, vying with both Waterloo and King’s Cross in a back-and-forth annual battle for the statistical title. It was in an upscale part of London with pricey and…Read more

Please welcome . . . at last . . . the President of the United States. Mr. Abraham Lincoln!”  The five-piece Union Band slid swiftly into the tune of “Hail Columbia” as nearly three thousand people stood, applauded, and cheered…Read more