The Maserati was brand-new, sleek, black; a Quattroporte, Mercury thought, judging by the glimpse he had gotten of the car as it roared past him, and probably an S Q5.  Mercury studied such exotic vehicles. A Maserati Quattroporte S Q5…Read more

Chris pulled into the Central Valley U-Haul dealership and parked his Jeep, a 2010 black Patriot. He slipped on a ball cap, got out of the car, and looked around. There were no other customers, which was why he’d come…Read more

Morgana Roy walked briskly to work at precisely 8:36 in the morning. As a creature of habit, she always walked a mile from the public parking garage to her office in the rear of a half-derelict building, on the flyblown…Read more

Marianne shook the folded coat, flung it to the ground and trampled on it. “No more! It’s all over! It’s over!” She felt brave as she stamped on the coat one last time, but her exhilaration subsided as quickly as…Read more

Benjamin Disraeli, prime minister of Great Britain and her colonies, was lounging before the fire, wrapped in a paisley shawl and paging slowly through a thick sheaf of papers. He looked the very picture of an aging libertine from the…Read more

Stone Barrington landed the Citation CJ3 Plus smoothly at Manassas Airport, in Virginia. As he taxied to the FBO he noticed a large black SUV parked on the ramp. To his eye it looked government and armored, and he wondered…Read more

Franz Meyer stood up at the head of the table, glanced down, touched the cloth, and awaited our silence. With his fair hair, blue eyes, and neoclassical features that looked as if they’d been carved by Arno Breker, Hitler’s official…Read more

Would a man with everything going for him marry A woman he met on a sex club website?” This question had been burning a hole in my brain for weeks, but I’d just drummed up enough nerve to ask it…Read more

It was a little after one in the morning when Riley Moon stopped struggling to make sense of the spreadsheet in front of her. She scraped her chair back from her desk, stood, and gave up a sigh. She was…Read more