Mysteries & Thrillers

They were alone in the small room where the accused was allowed to take visits with his lawyer.  “They’ll hang me, won’t they?” Roman Blackwell’s soft voice was almost steady, but Daniel could see the fear in his eyes. What…Read more

As the reed-green water lapped gently against the banks of the Thames, spectators on Putney Bridge and along the shoreline crowded shoulder to shoulder and craned their necks, vying for a better view. They were mostly boys and men, though the…Read more



Jo Nesbo

The shiny raindrop fell from the sky, through the darkness, toward the shivering lights of the port below. Cold gusting northwesterlies drove the raindrop over the dried-up riverbed that divided the town lengthwise and the disused railway line that divided…Read more

Oh, my,” I gasped as I leaned forward to peer out the window as the carriage emerged from the shelter of trees onto a circular drive. “It’s rather . . .” Words failed me.  “Sprawling? Ostentatious?” Philip supplied wryly, joining me at the…Read more

Maggie, Before  “Anna, is it really you?” Maggie felt like shouting for joy. She couldn’t believe it was really happening. She’d prayed she’d hear from Anna someday. It was her last thought every night, though she kept it to herself,…Read more