Major League batters found themselves in an increasingly unfavorable position at the turn of the century and had to reevaluate the offensive philosophy that had dominated the sport since its inception if they wanted to avoid fading into baseball obscurity.…Read more

Maybe my man Ernie has nothing to do with any of this. But I can still see that bus pulling out from the corner in Brooklyn with the bank and the clock on it on a murky November day in…Read more

The gilding of the aspens was an apt metaphor for the real wealth of the Colorado or “Western” experience—diamonds of powder adorning the crowns and necklines of the highest peaks, golden brooches of aspen pinned to their shoulders. Springtime dressed…Read more

One day, in the time it took to read an e-mail, my life changed. I was checking my YouTube inbox when I noticed something from Lancôme, of all brands. Curious, I clicked it open and sure enough, it was from…Read more

Outside, a bitter February freeze swept through Washington’s evening hours and chilled thoughts of the summer game.  Inside, a roaring fire did little to warm the frozen cold war between baseball players and Major League owners this wintry night in…Read more

At the station, Harry and Bess bade farewell to their Secret Service detail. Just as they received no pensions, ex-presidents at that time received no government-financed bodyguards. The Trumans were no longer, in Secret Service parlance, protectees. They were on…Read more

Diana wakes on the stroke of seven. Morning is her favourite time of day because that is when everything comes to life. She looks out of her bedroom window; all is quiet, but in places she can see the stirrings…Read more

In 1957, Swedish opera singer Friedrich Jorgensen bought a tape player to record his vocals. When he listened back to the recording, he heard strange noises throughout, whispers that sounded like supernatural messages. A few years later, he recorded birdsong.…Read more

Leo Durocher (1905–1991) was baseball’s all-time leading character—cocky, flamboyant, and galvanizing, casting a shadow across several baseball eras, from the time of Babe Ruth to the space-age Astrodome, from Prohibition through the Vietnam War. For more than forty years, he…Read more