Music was always played in the Lydon home; it was a constant thing. Dad was particularly into it—he used to play accordion when he was very young. At twelve and thirteen, back in Ireland, he was in Irish show bands,…Read more

One of my dad’s many talents is the ability to see past relatively insignificant issues and get to the core of a problem. As a businessman, he believed in the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of a company’s sales come from…Read more

Thorstein Veblen referred to them as the “leisure society” (1899). “They” were the people during the Victorian era who could afford to engage in forms of travel for leisure (often under the veil of education or health) and other such…Read more

Envoy came in three different sizes: #13 Elementary (shown), #15 Middle School, and #17 High School.  A BRIEF HISTORY OF... The Envoy Collection by American Seating  WHAT IT’S WORTH: $50-$125  WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW:  Michigan-based American Seating (once known as…Read Article

Like many working-class African Americans, the Vaughans’ lives revolved around their church. They became longtime members of Mount Zion Baptist Church in the nearby Ironbound district and pillars of Newark’s black religious community. Predictably, many of Vaughan’s first musical experiences…Read more

Once, years before, John Evasovich had come to the field with his mother in his pocket. It was an autumn evening much like this one, chill and damp, and only a practice session, but he is one of those men…Read more

Passing like ships in the night.” That’s what my mother said about Graham and me, before I knew anything about actual ships passing in the actual night. We thought we had much more to go on. When I returned from Spain,…Read more

NO ONE WANTS TO FEEL like they’re living in a museum, but when your home was designed by modernist starchitect Barton Myers—who worked on the Art Gallery of Ontario’s 1993 expansion—you feel obliged to preserve the original vision. This was…Read Article

As usual on The Apprentice, the celebrities convened in the reception outside the boardroom. Nick and Margaret were in position in the boardroom and the celebrities were called in and sat down. I made my usual grand entrance then sat down…Read more