On March 11, 1950, Ruth remarried, becoming Mrs. Eugene Sender. Her new husband was also a German émigré, who had come to New York from Wittberg, where he had operated a shoe store. Ruth’s second marriage was by all accounts…Read more

For all the strides the professional football game had made, at the start of a new decade it was still the poor relation in American sports. The haughty college coaches particularly held it in contempt, with Army’s crotchety Earl “Red”…Read more

One night we all packed ourselves into the trolley and rattled down through the rice to Pegadon Baru to see a Malay harvest feast. We were met by scores of coolies with flaring torches, and carried across the deep mud,…Read more

What’s truly interesting about this proliferating panoply is not so much that it came into existence—the whole world is breaking down into niches—but that the very numerousness of the options worked to alter the nature of morning TV shows, institutions…Read more

In the late 1980s this book’s editors took a field trip together to India’s major cities of Jodhpur, Jaipur and Udaipur, and stayed for one night at a five-star luxury hotel in one of the converted royal palaces. This region…Read more

Gabriel was one month short of his fifty-fifth birthday when he died in November 1919, and, in a term of the times, had been in poor to middling health for a number of years. His shop had become relatively prosperous,…Read more

Suicide is a paradox: self-expression through self-annihilation. It’s the last word: perfect, unanswerable. The content of the message is ambiguous, and the ambiguity can never be fully resolved; a suicide leaves behind it a wake of silence. I have wanted…Read more

For the second week in a row, I was sitting on my therapist’s couch with tears streaming down my face. My therapist sat opposite me in silence as I sobbed and wiped my cheeks with one of many tissues I…Read more

To translate NBC president Herb Schlosser’s three-page memo into a hit television series, Dick Ebersol, director of weekend late-night programming, hired thirty-one-year-old Lorne Michaels, whose experience in television as a comedy performer and writer/producer made him the ideal producer to…Read more