Here’s an easy tortellini salad with plenty of crowd-pleasing flavors. With its light vinaigrette dressing, it’s a wonderful addition to cookouts and picnics.  PREP/TOTAL TIME: 25 MINUTES MAKES: 10 SERVINGS  1 package (19 ounces) frozen cheese tortellini 2 cups fresh…Read more

This is an easy, summery dish that cooks up in no time. It’s also a time-tested roster of ingredients that is extremely versatile and has universal appeal.  MAKES 4 SERVINGS  1 (1-pound) eggplant, trimmed and cut into ½-inch-thick rounds 8 to…Read more

Since Fridays—for Catholics the lean day of the week—were taken up by fish, chickpeas, also considered by the church a lean food, wound up having their “canonical day” of the week on Tuesdays. No one seems to know why—the choice…Read more

At its core a combination of mashed avocado with a couple of crunchy, strong-tasting ingredients and some acidity, guacamole takes well to all sorts of variations and is justifiably popular today as a sandwich ingredient. It's obviously a natural in…Read more

Gerard’s Downtown, a New Orleans restaurant that closed shortly after 9/11, was the most influential restaurant in our lives. Not only did we meet and fall in love while working there, the chef-owner Gerard Maras, who was really ahead of…Read more

When I am in competition, the appearance of my food is serious business. Not only is it a major component of my overall score (and thus how much money I’ll make), but it’s also very strictly governed by the sanctioning…Read more

For me, the sweet scent of green cardamom evokes love. It is the smell of home, and a reminder of my mother’s loving embrace. Faintly honeyed, floral, and citrusy with an aftertaste that is warm, slightly peppery, and resinous. It…Read Article

This bright green soup has so many of the elements that I love to have in a dish. It has contrasting flavors—the sweetness of the peas and the heat of the chiles—and contrasting textures with the crispy Serrano ham floating…Read more

You may use traditional semolina couscous or whole-wheat for this recipe. Make these on a warm summer day, sit on the patio, and taste the flavors of the Mediterranean. Serve with your favorite marinara sauce over sautéed greens.  Servings: 6…Read more