The annual opening of the Beach Rose Inn marked the unofficial start of summer. It was part of the rhythm of life in Provincetown, like the ferry service from Boston, the whale-watching tour schedule, and the route of the Fourth…Read more

Every few minutes the beam of a giant arc light swept the roofline of the White City, cleaving the Illinois night sky to startle the grebes that rode the lake’s dark swells. It lit the sleek undercut bow of Mr.…Read more

He arrived not knowing what to expect. While riding home in a taxi from the train station, it came as a surprise to him that the city where he had spent most of his adult life had changed drastically in…Read more

I thought I’d be swept out to sea in the middle of the night. But I woke on dry land, curled up in my bathtub.  The walls around me still stood, and for a moment I was sure that I’d escaped…Read more

When I return to my great-aunt’s house with her ashes, the air feels uncertain, as if it doesn’t know how to deal with me. My great-aunt died three weeks ago, but there is still a faint waft of her in every…Read more

It was not even noon and I was a complete zombie. I didn’t end up falling asleep until 4 a.m. and Aubrey was up by 5. When David kissed me on the cheek and jetted out of the house, I…Read more

Scotland fell away beneath him, a stretch of green pasture, of hills, of swirling mist. Suddenly they were bathed in sunlight; fields of cloud, topped with crenellations of white, now lay beneath them as their plane pointed south. In his…Read more

Thanks for the lift.” Zoe had hitched rides in ambulances, police cars, and once on a firetruck. This was the first time she’d been dropped at her door by the coroner’s wagon.  “No problem,” Franklin said. “Look, if you don’t…Read more

In the Children’s Home, Martin Constantine Fledermann was not Martin’s name. He was Martin Schmidt, just as Berthold von Stauffenberg was Berthold Meister and Liesel Stravitsky was Liesel Falkman, and so on. All the children were given good, ordinary German…Read more