The call comes in just after five in the morning.  I am immediately on guard because everyone knows that nothing good ever happens this early. Not with a phone call, anyway. You never get word that a wealthy relative has…Read more

Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet. 1977, May 3, six thirty in the morning, no one knows anything but this innocuous fact: Lydia is late for breakfast. As always, next to her cereal bowl, her mother has…Read more

Wh-what…how?” Briddey said, stammering in her surprise. “Who told you I was getting an EED?”  “You’re kidding, right?” C.B. said, putting down the soldering iron. “It’s all over Commspan. And if you want my opinion, I think you’ve lost your…Read more

Once upon a time on a small, watery, excitable planet called Earth, in a small, watery country called England (which was bound and determined never to get too excited about anything), a leggy psychedelic ambidextrous omnisexual gendersplat glitterpunk financially punch-drunk…Read more

The Blue Book  Saratoga Springs, 1906  If he is the boy in The Blue Book, where to start? can’t expect to recognize her after four decades, and he certainly doesn’t expect her to recognize him. The last time they saw…Read more

1917  Alexander Palace, Tsarskoe Selo, Russia  February 28  The first shots ring out before dawn. I count fifteen—each of them splitting the air with a sound like cracking glaciers—before I go to the window and throw it open. Soldiers, drunk…Read more

I was thirty-one when the magic vanished and the phone rang, though, as you will come to see, not in that order. I heard Ray at the other end, asking how things were.  You know, I said. Good.  Maybe I…Read more

Kolb had given Mathieu a contact address, a Havas travel agency in Neuilly. Mathieu sent a wireless telegram to the address, heard back immediately, and a meeting with Edouard was arranged for five in the afternoon at a hôtel particulier—private…Read more

This is a story that begins with a barbecue,” said Clementine. The microphone amplified and smoothed her voice, making it more authoritative, as if it had been photoshopped. “An ordinary neighborhood barbecue in an ordinary backyard.”  Well, not exactly an…Read more