Aubrey woke up extra early this morning. #SoBlessed. I’d planned on doing a few leg lifts but of course I had to check Facebook and fell right down the rabbit hole.  What’s Facebook? It’s where moms like me post about…Read more

He was passive as they took his fingerprints, partly because he had no alternative, and partly because he was by that stage in a state of mild shock. He found it hard to believe that this was happening to him:…Read more

Twenty years ago, when I first arrived on the plains, I kept my eyes open. I looked for anything in the landscape that seemed to hint at some elaborate meaning behind appearances.  My journey to the plains was much less…Read more

The six forty-seven to Liverpool Street was heaving. It seemed ridiculous that a train should be this busy so early in the morning. Natasha Macauley sat down, already overheated despite the cool of early morning, muttering an apology to a…Read more

Helen switched on her laptop and adjusted the angle of the screen. The white glow softly lit her palms. She was in the study and the morning was perfectly silent. As she worked she looked up occasionally, to gather or…Read more

My father proposed to my mother at gunpoint when she was nineteen, and knowing that she was already pregnant with a dead man’s child, she accepted.  The dead man was actually my real father, Leo, a handsome young playboy my…Read more

As it turned out, that very same day, less than an hour after the agents left the apartment, I went back to Café Aquarium. Earlier in the week, Andrew and I had arranged to meet there on Saturday afternoon. It…Read more

Sunsets in Sweet Bay have always made me feel a little like a child. I think it’s all that vast, open water. I expect something to come rising out of the deep at the last minute, something huge and unexpected.…Read more

Certain people in Ilmorog, our Ilmorog, told me that this story was too disgraceful, too shameful, that it should be concealed in the depths of everlasting darkness.  There were others who claimed that it was a matter for tears and…Read more