Gallup reports that the majority of us are disengaged at work. Pointing the finger at leadership for this state of affairs is easy to do. According to the Gallup Chairman and CEO, Jim Clifton, “Of the approximately 100 million people…Read more

A contradiction swirls around invention. While invention flows from an uncommon quarter of the mind, it ultimately comes to rest in the day by day world where we live our lives. Invention defines the commonplace world that we all share.…Read more

In 1938, Western Union Telegraph Company employee Edward C. Brower retired at age seventy after over half a century of service to the telegraph industry, an event warmly publicized by the company in local New York City papers. But unlike…Read more

By 1970, Warhol was shattering records with the prices he commanded at auction. One of his soup cans sold for $60,000—mind-boggling for the time. By 2006, a painting from the Campbell’s Soup Cans series sold for $11,776,000, which broke another…Read more

To a certain degree your success—and everyone else’s—is a result of some kind of luck.  It was writer Ray Bradbury’s chance encounter in a bookstore with the British expatriate writer Christopher Isherwood that gave him the opportunity to share his…Read more

At school he was worse. Henry was geared to drive his teachers crazy: restless, hilarious, relentlessly curious, always looking for ways to evade or bend the rules. Today he would be a candidate for Ritalin. Back then thirteen-year-old Henry Kaiser…Read more

I was always planning my escape. Mostly I dreamed. I took myself out of where I was and put myself somewhere else. How could I sneak out of school that afternoon? Where was I going that weekend? Where was the…Read more

The American government began to hire female clerical workers in the 1860s, when a sizable chunk of the literate male labor force had exchanged crisp white collars for bloodstained blue Union uniforms. The U.S. treasurer Francis Elias Spinner led the…Read more

Have you ever had someone tell you something you didn’t want to hear—but the second you heard it, you knew it was the honest-to-God truth? That’s what happened to me one boozy night in Hong Kong more than three decades…Read more