When we lose something important, or someone we love does, we begin by retracing our steps. More often than we’d expect, we have found lost treasures, keys, glasses, and earrings at our feet, whether on the beach beside the rough…Read more

Fox News, the host of the first GOP presidential debate, divided the field into two tiers, with the lower tier of candidates granted a separate debate scheduled to precede the main event—what was billed as a heavy-weight match between the…Read more

Everyone in the world should have the chance to fall in love in a New York City spring, at least once. Spring, in New York, is like a new epoch in history. The sludge recedes; the trees return as green…Read more

We are an outdoor-loving people. We sing of spacious skies and purple mountains and go off pioneering by four-wheel drive. We turn nostalgic about small towns and build ever more suburbs. But the strength of America, the great concentration of…Read more

When my family lived in the little two-bedroom house with eight people stuffed inside, we were on what were called “the water streets,” near the canals and the bay. After years of riding my bike in and around those streets,…Read more

Kristine Madsen looked up with trepidation at the white building with the red roof that would be her home for the next year. She’d wanted to teach in a one-room schoolhouse, and there it was, perched by itself at the…Read more

I don’t cry like I used to or hurt like I did when I was a younger man. I’m more stable. Stronger. Finally. When others don’t or can’t hold it together, somehow I do. I’m not sure why or when…Read more

It began with an unverified dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, the former MI6 spy who was hired by a U.S. opposition research firm and paid by Hillary Clinton supporters to find dirt connecting Donald Trump with the Kremlin during the…Read more

I loved stories about female artists who went off the deep end when I was young—tragic tales of beautiful, passionate girls who escaped the plot by losing the plot. Madness was refusal and rebellion. It was punk. It was a…Read more