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Dispatches: Kenya Warriors To the Rescue

Dispatches: Kenya Warriors To the Rescue

National Geographic
August 2017

From afar, the cries of a baby elephant in distress seem almost human. Drawn by the sounds, young Samburu warriors, long spears in hand, thread their way toward a wide riverbed, where they find the victim. The calf is half-submerged…Read Article

Stephen enlisted before he could get drafted and spent his time in the army in Walla Walla, Washington. Michael and Alfred got college deferments. But David got drafted and was shipped to Vietnam almost immediately, leaving his fiancée Claudette behind…Read more

When we lose something important, or someone we love does, we begin by retracing our steps. More often than we’d expect, we have found lost treasures, keys, glasses, and earrings at our feet, whether on the beach beside the rough…Read more

When my family lived in the little two-bedroom house with eight people stuffed inside, we were on what were called “the water streets,” near the canals and the bay. After years of riding my bike in and around those streets,…Read more