SF & Fantasy

They were sitting in a corner of the Grand Imperial Kaffeehaus eating krapfen and drinking coffee as the place filled up with its early clientele. “The question is, should we go on without her?” said Cass, taking a sip of…Read more

Teen & YA

Master Hyrrokkin was immune to Lazlo’s wonder. “They’re stories, boy. Stuff and fantasy. There was no elixir of immortality. If anything, it was just sugared blood.”  “But look at the price,” Lazlo insisted. “Would they have paid that for sugared…Read more

Books & Ideas

In early April 1865 two speeches, days apart, augured hope for the next great expansion of American democracy: the grant of the vote to African Americans.  Frederick Douglass ended the Civil War as a prized recruiter for the U.S. Army.…Read more