When I think of her – not often, admittedly, before I decided to write this – the first image is always from an evening in July. The night before, it had rained like I had always imagined it must have…Read more


Ten minutes into her societal debut, Eugenia Talbot was ruined.  A favorable presentation in court cannot ensure a young lady’s successful launch into society, but a poor presentation can certainly ruin it. Miss Eugenia Talbot pressed her lips together in…Read more

SF & Fantasy

The sun stood almost directly overhead, the lit crescent of Planet E right next to it. Most of the settlers were outside to watch this. Standing on small dark shadows of themselves, they set the filters in their face masks…Read more

Science & Tech

We’re mammals, you and I, so why don’t we go out mammal-watching? Because we wouldn’t see any, that’s why. We hardly ever see non-human species of our fellow mammals in the wild.  True, you can see plenty of mammals on…Read more