Noah's Garden

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Noah's Garden
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Noah's Garden by Rosemarie E. Bishop

Noah�s Garden is a story of life�s most important lessons as seen through the eyes of a variety of animals and mythical entities, both in nature around us and in our imaginations. It takes us through the life of one stray dog named Jewell as she discovers why her crazy antics cause her own troubles to exist, and how that same energy can be placed on a higher level that would surround her and those she loves most with much goodness. In the process, she runs into the Monster Shadow, the ultimate that exists because of the discarded bad intentions of all those who have gone through Noah�s Forest before her as they traveled to the garden and to the discovery of their �better� selves.

With the help of Daffonia, the deer Jewell encounters first when she enters the forest, and many others, including an aggravating little sprite named Tolebit, all the way through the many Eyes of the Forest and to their leader, Astilbe, Jewell has the journey of a lifetime and discovers the true value of learning life�s lessons the hard way.

Noah�s Garden is about sudden realizations and the learning process we all go through to reach those levels of understanding. It is about self-reflection and defense mechanisms, fixing our flaws and trying to be as good as we can be. It is about understanding ourselves and learning to understand the world around us.

: Noah�s Garden is one of Rosemarie�s favorite novels. It is a huge diversion from the Moral Vampire Series, but it has given her a chance to show her spiritual and ethical beliefs through a different set of characters, thereby putting those beliefs in the front line of her work.

Rosemarie and her husband, Christopher, are avid activists in animal rights. They have a family of three Samoyeds, Crystal, Ice King, and Snow Prince, two cats, Melvin and Sammie, and a rabbit named Mr. Kelly. They also have adopted humpback whales and wolves, both for themselves and as gifts for their nieces and nephews. They spend a good portion of their time learning about and enjoying the variety of wildlife in and around their wooded land in Southern New Hampshire.

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Customer Reviews (1)
Noah's Garden is a great book for everyone
Noah's Garden is an excelent book in my opinion. The book is about a garden different creatures go to to have peace and love. On thier way to the garden the creatures have to go through the forest and learn life lessons on the way. It has many of lifes morals and lessons learned by a dog named jewel and how she is guided through the forest into the garden.
- Guest
February 12, 2002
Noah's Garden