I stop, before I run to tell my aunt about the Americans, and stand in front of the neighbor house. They’re a rich family with a Mercedes and five girl. Girl always doing homework. Every night I see them in the…Read more

Regular work is ruined for me now.  This was Bitterblue’s thought the next morning, bleary-eyed at her desk in her tower. Her adviser Darby, returned from his drunken bender that everyone knew about but no one mentioned, kept running up…Read more

Top three awful moments of my life:  Meeting my biological father at ten  Breaking my arm in three spots at nine  Falling into a hole and being trapped there overnight with a dead body at eight  Other than that, I…Read more

I was raised a Catholic, but I’ve only gone to Mass a couple times. I usually went when my mom was on some turn-over-a-new-leaf kick, but I remember Father Poloski saying one thing that stuck with me. He said you could…Read more

When Muriel left her room, Evangeline wandered back to the window that faced the bailey.  While she watched Alma talk with the handsome young man, a horse broke away from its handler and careened toward Alma’s little sister.  The child…Read more

Twenty dollars an hour,” I say to the guy who’s stopped me as I head for Doc Southcott’s. I know his name. When your high school has only two hundred kids, you can’t even pretend you don’t. But from his…Read more

I knew of Ellen Rothgar, as we all did, from the TV news. Ellen was a local reporter based about twenty miles away in Chambliss, the closest town that was big enough to have its own network affiliate. I knew…Read more

She was always the favored one.  “Ember,” Mr. Gordon sighed for the second time that hour. “Please pay attention. This is important. Are you listening?”  “Yes,” my twin muttered, not looking up from her desk, where she was doodling cartoon…Read more

The day’s afternoon was bright and brilliant and all the more beautiful for my having spent its morning kissing Mael in the Forgotten Vale. But inside my house in Durovernum—the house that I once shared with Sorcha—it was dark. I…Read more