“Permission to land?” the ghost asked, and Llewellyn gave it.  They were deep in the Drift, where they’d spent the last week and a half running silent and hunting for vulnerable freighters becalmed in the fickle flows that had earned…Read more

Oh, we were such geniuses. A company of smarty-pants. Mikala the chemistry wizard, Gil the tech brain, Edo the money man, and me—the neuroscientist with the brilliant idea that we could cure the Afghanistan of mental disorders.  The disease of…Read more

Erin was nineteen by the old calendar, but by the only calendar that mattered she was four. In the known world, by the new calendar, four was ancient. The new calendar four-year-olds had been rehabilitated four years ago by the…Read more

Manticore left jump space at Iwa with every weapon fully ready and her shields at maximum strength. As Marphissa shook off the effects of the transition from jump space she stared at her display with a growing sense of dismay. …Read more

So, to recap,” Samuel Schwartz said, and held up a hand to tick off points. “Illegally stunning my client when he was not offering any resistance, detaining him without cause in a holding cell, and then two separate law enforcement agencies,…Read more

Just before the Iapetus job starts to go south, Barbicane the Gun Club Elder and I watch zoku children play global thermonuclear war.  We drink dark tea in the mahogany-panelled drawing room of the Gun Club Zoku’s copper-and-brass sky-train. It…Read more

“Welcome aboard the Leaping Kitten,” Leftenant Superior Ka’atieth stated, flicking her left hand as Li’eth, finally properly uniformed, followed her into the shuttlecraft. She tapped on a control panel, opening a storage locker so that both could store their kit…Read more

I started right in on the day’s business. “XO, would you please give your morning update?” I asked of Commander Babayan. She cleared her throat.  “All systems green. Ship’s telemetry is topping out near 100 percent,” she said. I turned…Read more

Reyna lives with the dead.  This wasn’t always true.  As a child, living on the edge of villages, and once or twice, larger towns, she spent her days helping her mother in her various gardens, and helping her uncles when…Read more