Aubrey woke up extra early this morning. #SoBlessed. I’d planned on doing a few leg lifts but of course I had to check Facebook and fell right down the rabbit hole.  What’s Facebook? It’s where moms like me post about…Read more


I pulled my already loosened tie the rest of the way off and kicked the front door of my loft shut with my foot. I threw my leather satchel towards the big sectional that took up most of the open…Read more

Mysteries & Thrillers

It was the end of the season and most of the hotels on the Riviera, including the Grand Hôtel Cap Ferrat, where I worked, were already closed for the winter. Not that winter meant much in that part of the…Read more

SF & Fantasy

“Permission to land?” the ghost asked, and Llewellyn gave it.  They were deep in the Drift, where they’d spent the last week and a half running silent and hunting for vulnerable freighters becalmed in the fickle flows that had earned…Read more

Teen & YA

I stop, before I run to tell my aunt about the Americans, and stand in front of the neighbor house. They’re a rich family with a Mercedes and five girl. Girl always doing homework. Every night I see them in the…Read more


Over the years I’ve been asked countless questions about this workout. Most of them can be answered with either: (a) “I don’t know if you’ll be able to dunk but you’ll be closer,” (b) “Yes, you have to do the…Read more

Books & Ideas

In April, millions of tiny flowers spread over the blackjack hills and vast prairies in the Osage territory of Oklahoma. There are Johnny-jump-ups and spring beauties and little bluets. The Osage writer John Joseph Mathews observed that the galaxy of…Read more

Science & Tech

The explosion in the atmosphere over the coming Cold War years of hundreds upon hundreds of atomic bombs—big and small; fission and fusion; to be launched by missiles or dropped by aircraft or fired from guns; made by the United…Read more

Business & Innovation

Many of you are already active in the workplace or will soon be entering workforces all over the world—in privately held corporations, large foundations, small not-for-profit organizations, advocacy groups, government positions, or other jobs right in your neighborhood—and yet, you…Read more